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Effective immediately:

Office Closures

Monroe County Tax Collector Danise D. Henriquez is announcing that as of 5:00 pm today, March 20, 2020, public walk-in services to all five offices throughout the Keys will be suspended for the next 30 days. This directive will be reassessed each week.

We will continue to perform our statutory duties and serve the public via our online services and phones during normal business hours. We encourage all customers to conduct business with us electronically.

All normal Tax Collector operations, except Driver License testing, and Concealed Weapons will continue either by phone, email, or online. Drop Boxes will be provided to each office.

My objective through this emergency is to continue to provide services to the public and to minimize current health risk to both our customers and team members.

Please feel free to contact us online at or via phone at:

  • (305) 295-5000 Key West Main Office
  • (305) 293-6339 Key West Driver License Office
  • (305) 289-6034 Marathon Branch Office
  • (305) 852-7150 Plantation Key Branch Office
  • (305) 853-3562 Key Largo Branch Office

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Stay healthy.

Tax Collector Signature

Danise D. Henriquez C.F.C.
Monroe County Tax Collector



  • Order of Emergency Waiver/Deviation #20-52-DOR-01 applies to all 67 Florida counties (click here for a copy of the Executive Order). Property tax is normally due by March 31 in the year following the year the taxes are assessed. The Department waives the due date so that payments remitted by April 15, 2020, for the 2019 tax year will be considered timely paid. Property tax returns for railroad, railroad terminal, private car and freight line and equipment company property are normally due by April 1. Returns will be timely filed if filed by April 15, 2020.



  • The Florida Department of Revenue has waived the late fee and interest penalty for the February 2020 tax returns:
    • “The Department will waive the imposition of penalty and accrual of interest for those taxpayers who collected any of the following taxes in February 2020, but were unable to meet the due date, if the taxes are reported and remitted by March 31, 2020.” Tourist Development Tax [Section 125.0104(3)(g), F.S.]. A copy of this Emergency Order is available here.
  • Taxpayers not adversely affected by the COVID-19 outbreak are required to continue to file and remit on or before April 20, 2020.
  • For taxpayers adversely affected (as defined below) by the COVID-19 outbreak, the Department will extend the due date to April 30, 2020, for [Tourist Development] taxes collected in March.” Tourist Development Tax [Section 125.0104(3)(g), F.S.]
  • Adversely affected is defined as:
    1. The business closed in March 2020 in compliance with a state or local government order issued in response to the COVID-19 outbreak and following the closure had no taxable transactions for the taxes listed above; or
    2. The business experienced sales tax collections in March 2020 that are less than 75% of March 2019 sales tax collections; or
    3. The business was established after March 2019; or
    4. The business is registered with the Department to file quarterly
  • Taxpayers who fall within the definition of adversely affected but who are able to file and pay timely are encouraged to do so
  • A copy of this Emergency Order is available here.



  • An Emergency Order executed by the Florida Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles extends all Florida driver licenses (including Florida Commercial Driver Licenses) and identification cards that will expire in the next 30 days. All Florida driver licenses and identification cards set to expire in the next 30 days will be granted a 30-day extension beyond their current expiration date. This Order extends the effective period of all driver licenses and identification cards that will expire between March 16, 2020, and April 15, 2020, for 30 days. In addition, delinquent fees will be waived during the extension period for these driver licenses and identification cards. FLHSMV recommends Floridians traveling out of the state print the Executive Order and carry it with their driver license. A copy of this Emergency Order is available on the Department’s website.